How Do I Access The NEW Instagram Competition?

Take a cute selfie Tag @oddlysatisfyingx10 in the picture and in the caption along side this hashtag #oddlysatisfyingshop. All images are rewarded with a FREE "15% OFF" gift card. What else? All our favourite images are rewarded with a huge product paket including 14 of our most satisfying products! Please only enter the competition if you genuinely like our products. A genuine smile will raise your chance of winning a hundred times!


How Big Are The Slimes?

The average size of all our “Big Bucket 2X” slimes is above *5oz*. Our “Small Bucket 1X”  usually holds around half of the amount of our “Big Bucket 2x”.


Why Are You Considred A More Eco-Friendly Choice?

Slime can never be 100% eco-friendly (not many products can). Unless you make it with food base (thats sold in eco friendly containers), but that's not slime. It is more of a gooey mash of things that are supposed to go down your belly. The results are 99% of the time highly disappointing. The creation process can still be fun, but our shop is more directed towards the “Slimers”. The people who have alot of experience with slime and carry a large set of high expectations and demands on its qualities. Stretch length?  Buttery spreadability? How does the texture feel? How good does it smell? Is It Visually Appealing? So our aim is to satisfy all these needs, and at the same time limit the use of less eco friendly materials, as mush as possible.Therefore we are considered a more eco friendly choice among slime shops. We encurage our slimers to  help the environment further by taking good care of your slime. In doing so you can have use of it for a long time. This accounts for all products you “consume” throughout your life. Check out our "Slime Cear Guide" here.


Are Your Slimes Handmade? 

At first YAAAS! For the sake of first finding the perfect balance between all its attributes. Once perfection was found, only high tech machines could replicate it without adding too much or too little. A single drop would be the destroyer of the ideal slime and multiple would mean disaster. We are always determined to guarantee perfection for our Slimers, because that is what they deserve. No more, no less, then Perfection. 

  • NO MORE “whoops” spills.  Activating slime is a chemical process where the position of molecules changes, and adding to much of something can not only make the slime unattractive but at times even dangerous to use (never purchase slime that is not professionally made).
  • NO MORE harmful, unwashed, unsterilised, germy hands touching your slime. Euh… On average we carry 3,200 bacteria from 150 different species on our hands. We ratter sell slimes that are 100% fresh. YAAAS!
  • NO MORE paper dry slime deliveries. Again, euh… Slime has water in it, so over time it evaporates. Therefore when you put it in a container, box it up and send it across the country, vacuum sealing is ideal. To do this you need… you guessed it, machines! Unpleasant weather can still affect it, but not as much as it would affect a slime that was shipped without vacuum sealing.
  • After My order I Never Received A Confirmation Email. Why?

    You m< have typed in the wrong email address. Please contact us here. Do not forget to both include the items you ordered and your name.

    Can I Return Products And/Or Get A Refund?

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns due to the production nature of our products. All sales are final.

    My Product Arrived Damaged, What Should I Do?

    In case you receive your slime in a damaged condition or not as described please don’t hesitate a single second to contact us here.


    Can I Get The Recipe For Your Slime?

    Less non eco-material, More love. We can't fully share the recipes, for the fingers of other slime shops are inching for them. The secret behind how the slimes can be so stretchy, spreadable and uniquely satisfying, will always remain “within the family".

    Is It Safe To Use My Credit Card On Your Website?

    Our site is SLL encrypted, operated through Shopify, and all payments are processed through Stripe. Stripe is PCI-DSS compliant for your payments, and accepts all major credit cards. To sum it up: Backflip Impressive Security.