The Oddly Satisfying Affiliate Program 🤑

Make money while lying on a beach in Bali, drinking margaritas.




As an Oddly Satisfying Affiliate, you earn a generous 30% commission on every sale that is made through your personalized referral link. You can share your link however you wish, as long as it is done legally. So don't hack Justin Beibers Instagram to put it in his bio.




We will provide you with high-quality marketing content in the form of engaging promotion videos, logos, and banners. which will help you convert more customers, meaning you will earn more cash.

We will update you about the newest social media algorithms and share the most effective techniques and strategies for maximizing your audience reach on all your social media platforms.

We will manage all order, all shipment, and all billing. Simply share your link, sit back, relax and enjoy the satisfying sound of money starting to pour into your bank account. It will be the ONE phone notification that never gets old. A sound that always remains satisfying. For added pleasure, change your notification sound to *CHA-CHING*.




When a person clicks your unique referral link, a cookie will be created in the old/new customer's device (in the web browser), which will last for a whole month. This means that EVERYTHING that customers buys from our shop via that device, during that month, you will receive a commission from.




We have created our affiliate program through Affiliatly. A well-known trusted software on the market. Affiliatly enables you to easily monitor your yearly, monthly and even daily earnings. Calculating how many referrals you have achieved and how many dollars each individual order accumulated.  When a sale is done via your link, it will be directly registered on Affililatly and you will be notified instantly (if desired).

Commission payouts happen via PayPal on the last day of every month, if your balance is at least 50$. In the beginning of our business relationship, early payouts may be performed upon request. All Bank information you enter will be SSL encrypted (https) and 100% secured.




Sadly we have a limited amount of places available in our program, so only high-quality affiliates will be approved. If you get approved as one of our Oddly Satisfying Affiliates, entering the program will not cost you anything. No hidden fees. No follow-up charges. Always a 100% free of cost. Of course the same goes if you do not get approved. So feel free to apply now, because... well... It's free.




To apply requires no technical knowledge. It is easy, simply do a backflip then follow this 3 step procedure:

  1. Sign up for our Affiliatly program or Sign in if you already have an Account.👉 👈
  2. Create an account on PayPal and connect it with your Affiliatly account. 👉 👈  OBS: Direct Bank transfers will also be an alternative.
  3. Collect your given link on the info page and start your promotions.   OBS: Generate a shortened link if you plan on marketing via social media.


Do not hesitate to contact us via mail. We are here to help.                                           👉👈