Cotton Candy - oddly satisfying slime

Cotton Candy

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Brings you back to those sweet, sunny carnival days.

It's a sad thing that this is a non-edible slime because it just looks so deliciously, flavorfuly, jummylicious. Yet the sound it makes as you squeeze it fills your belly with pleasure, so don't worry, your belly will be fulfilled & happy! 





Due to high demand, delivery time will be 2-5 weeks.

For a status update on your order, simply ask. Remember to include your order number in the message and to use one of the phrases provided to you on the "Contact page" as a caption for a faster & more effective help from our support.




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This slime is not edible, keep away from small children and animals. *Choking hazard*  Also keep away from broken/abraded skin, hair, fabrics and fire. 

The average size of all our “Big Bucket 2X” slimes is above *5oz*. All “Small Bucket 1X” usually holds around half of the amount of our “Big Bucket 2X”. 

The primary ingredients in our slimes are glue, plasticine, and borax (sodium borate) diluted water. All our products are made with body safe ingredients. However, if your body is highly sensitive it still might show allergic reactions.

All sales are final due to the production nature of slime (no refunds/returns/cancellations). But please contact us without hesitation if you have any problems with your order.

Due to the large number of messages we receive each day, it may take one or two business days until we get back to you but we promise to do so as fast as we can because we believe in A+ customer service.

Colors might mix slightly during shipping. We send out all orders well packet to minimize this occurrence.

Due to the weather, slime may arrive hardened or sticky. This is easily fixed by simply following the slime care guide included on our page. But it is important to know that the slime should be arriving to you in a perfect condition.